New Book Alert :: “Root-to-Stalk Cooking” by Tara Duggan

root to stalk book

So, as you know I’ve been doing the CSA food delivery thing and getting orders from FFTY over the last few months but one of the things I noticed was that I was discarding a lot of the stuff that one normally things would be waste product from a lot of the natural stuff that comes in the delivery. Mostly the roots and the stalks of all of the vegetables that come.

Ive never been a big fan of kale roots and the stalks from stuff like rainbow chard, and I happened to get on the internet to find a solution. Lo-and-behold on the FFTY site, they were doing a giveaway of this very book a few weeks ago and I missed it. So, being the resourceful guy that I am, I just went to Amazon to see the book and get a look at some of the pages. Turns out the book is only about 15 bucks so I decided to throw down on it after reading a few pages. Interestingly enough there are a ton of recipes in here that take care of the very problem that I’ve been encountering.

As soon as I got the book I cracked it open to the index and found that there are pages for Chard and Kale, perfect!

chard and kale

The best part of it is that this book isnt just super veggie book, but also has some traditional protein recipes using the veggies as a side so its a book for a lot reasons other than just root-to-stalk cooking. I can dig it. I’ll probably be throwing some of the results up on this very site.

If you want to check out the book yourself, go to this link:

Root-to-Stalk Cooking: The Art of Using the Whole Vegetable by Tara Duggan