Nestlé Coffee Mate Uses ‘Au Naturel’ Baristas to Sell Its All-New ‘Natural’ Creamer

Ready for a truly au naturel coffee shop? Welcome to the Natural Bliss Café. #NaturalBlissCafé.

from AdWEEK:

Nestlé’s Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss all-digital campaign that launches today, the brand’s marketers wanted to do something with a little shock value. So they took over an Irving Farm Coffee Roasters store in New York on April 24 with baristas wearing essentially nothing but body paint.

Not mad at this. Not mad, at all. I don’t drink coffee though.

Shouts out to some of the video reactions by the way…. my guy right here, who did a quadruple take and completely lost his train of thought on it. I feel you playboy.

Natural Bliss Café 2

Learn all about the creamer at Nestlés site:

Natural Bliss Café 3

And my guy here strugggggggling to keep his eyes above board. I feel you.

Natural Bliss Café 1