Need These :: Eco-friendly, Animal-free “Vegan” High End (MENS) Boots by Rebecca Mink

Mink is a vegan shoe line that sidesteps leather for eco-friendly, animal-free materials.

Spotted the pictures on Russell Simmons’ instagram account and needed to know more. I haven’t been able to find anything about the shoe other than what is on his IG… I’ve gone to the Rebecca Mink social stuff and it looks like she, to this point, has only designed women’s shoes. They look fly though. By the sheer size of that shoe that is in her lapp, I’ve gotta assume she is heading in to the mens field… Efforting more information and will share whatever I can come up with.

From what I am seeing online, her female shoes go anywhere from under $100 to over $500 bucks so the shoes will cost a grip, but they appear to be pretty high quality and the materials being used I assume are pricey as well…. and apparently Custom / Made to order (Check the video below)

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Company Overview

Effortlessly alluring and genuinely vivacious Rebecca is among the new breed of young designers who are leading the fashion industry into an era of environmental responsibility without sacrificing creativity and style. In Mink shoes, Rebecca has designed the footwear for the next generation who knows that glamour and a respect for the environment can walk side by side.