NBC News: California’s Farms Face Serious Labor Shortage | Video

Farms across the state are facing a serious labor shortage — 9 in 10 farm workers in California are foreign-born, many from Mexico. According to the PEW Research Center, more Mexican immigrants are leaving the U.S. than arriving.

This, is actually, a pretty disturbing video to me. According to this video, the farm is offering above minimum wage, PTO, and 401(k), but they are still facing a labor shortage. That’s a far cry from the idea that farmer jobs are the lowest paying jobs that Americans would never do…or so the popular opinion goes.

It’s interesting though because there are a ton of “They’re taking our jobs” people out there and a ton of “There are plenty of ‘us’ that would be willing to do that work” folks out there, but when it comes to brass tax, it looks like we aren’t willing to do the work.

I’m sure its all just fake news and the liberal media (said sarcastically) but it’s all fun and games until we don’t have food anymore. That’s an alarmist view, but these things start just like this. No way this is the only farmer experiencing this and big ass waves start very small.