NBA Legend Ray Allen Opens “Farm-to-Fast-Food” Concept in Miami: GROWN

Grown farm to fork

Excited to announce, grown, our organic, delicious farm-to-table fast food restaurant sprouting soon in Miami. After 6 years of conceptualizing, planning, assembling an amazing team, scouting locations and building our flagship!Shannon Allen via FB

This is refreshing. Former NBA sharpshooter and man known for his fitness and health regimen while in the league, Ray Allen, has opened a new farm-to-fork-to-fast-food concept in Miami with his wife Shannon Allen.

Ray along and his wife Shannon are parents to a son who suffers from Type 1 diabetes and there was an interest from the family in finding healthy choices to eat, and things that didn’t take a million hours to make. Healthy fast food options for a long time have been pretty scarce, and your only choice was to go with the “healthier” things or “healthier” places when you wanted something quick, or you had to suffer from foods that tasted like bricks.

As we are moving forward these days and there are more and more choices coming along for people who want to eat a much healthier diet but at the same time, was our food quick, this is another tester for a good concept.

This the first of the farm-to-table, quick service, fast food WITH a drive-through option!

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GROWN: Miami, located at 8211 South Dixie Highway Miami, FL 33143