My refrigerator right now :: 09052011

This is what my fridge looks like at this moment. I’m happy with it…. you have your Britta, some refilled FIJI water bottles (recycling!), heavy cream that I am going to finish up then NEVER buy again… Got some Apple Cider Vinegar (a girl told me about it). Some Gatorade. Two big things of lettuce, strawberries, celery, asparagus, onion in that tupperware thingy, porto shrooms in the black togo thingy (recycling x2), seedless grapes. In the bottle thing, I gave about 5 heads of brocc…. veganaze, three different kinds of salsa, I am an absolute salsa freak, horseradish, curry sauce, ranch dressing, maple sizzurp, garlic spray, katsup, and worstcheshire’er, and mustard. Oh and a 5 hour energy at the top… its a leftover from a reeeeally long night a few weeks ago. Actually, didnt even sleep that night, we something like 32 hours straight.

So anyways, this is what it looks like in there, I’m trying to get better. It used to be single serve mac and cheese from fresh and easy, steaks, shrimps, kool-aid, etc….