My ‘Farm Fresh to You’ CSA Delivery for 11212013

1 box

Farm Fresh to You is organic produce delivered directly to your home or office from a family farm or local organic farmers. I got hip to the whole idea of joining a CSA back when I started this whole site after watching the few movies that got me thinking about what and how I eat.

Savoy cabbage : White avalanche potato : Fuji apples : “Bacon” avocado
Bulb fennel : Bunched carrot : Little gem lettuce : Fresh herb mix

2 savoy cabbage

I’m a big fan of this delivery…. there are a lot of staples in here and a couple of things that I have never worked with. That fennel I am especially excited about and will have to get my recipe look up poppin. The “little gem lettuce” looks pretty good too and I got a taste right out of the box of it. Cabbage is good and I have an idea for it already. The potatoes and carrots are sitting underneath a roast that I am cooking right now! Its gonna be a good weekend!

3 carrots

4 gem lettuce

5 fresh herbs

6 bulb fennel

7 potato

8 apples

9 avocado