My ‘Farm Fresh to You’ CSA Delivery for 11142013

7 apple lemon avocado

Farm Fresh to You is organic produce delivered directly to your home or office from a family farm or local organic farmers. I got hip to the whole idea of joining a CSA back when I started this whole site after watching the few movies that got me thinking about what and how I eat.

White avalanche potato : Eureka lemon : Fuji apples : Hass avocado : French breakfast radish

Chioggia beets : Bunched carro : Rainbow chard : Red leaf lettuce

I like this delivery. Nothing new here that I don’t know what to do with and honestly, I need a little bit of a break. I think I will be super basic with this stuff and just go raw this weekend with this. Good stuff.

6 potato

5 raddishes

4 rainbow chard

3 carrots

2 leaf lettuce

1 beets