My ‘Farm Fresh to You’ CSA Delivery for 10312013

10312013 1 box

Farm Fresh to You is organic produce delivered directly to your home or office from a family farm or local organic farmers. I got hip to the whole idea of joining a CSA back when I started this whole site after watching the few movies that got me thinking about what and how I eat.

Red Potato : Acorn Squash : Fuji Apples Eureka Lemon

Reed Avocado : Fresh green beans : easter egg radish : rainbow chard : romaine lettuce

10312013 1 lettuce

10312013 2 chard

This is a good delivery. Not necessarily an order with a lot of unfamiliar stuff, but a good order with a lot of staples here. I will eat everything sent and find good uses for it. The green beans are looking a lil dusty, but I can just clean them up and mix them in something with coconut milk probably.

I’m actually happy that they chilled on the squash this week, because after the last two, I’ve had a lot of squash soup! Needed a week or so off. I’m gonna come up with something for the radish and the chard that I haven’t done before though…. will be getting my pinterest on tonight!

10312013 3 radishes

10312013 4 green beans

10312013 5 avocado and squash

10312013 6 red pots

10312013 7 apples and lemon

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