My ‘Farm Fresh to You’ CSA Delivery for 08082013


Honeydew Melon : Valencia Oranges : Green Grapes : Green Bean

Ahtohi Romanian Pepper : Mixed Eggplant : Fresh Celery : Rainbow Chard


Farm Fresh to You is organic produce delivered directly to your home or office from a family farm or local organic farmers. I got hip to the whole idea of joining a CSA back when I started this whole site after watching the few movies that got me thinking about what and how I eat.


I’m most excited about two things in this delivery… the mixed eggplant and the rainbow chard. I’m super familiar with eggplant and have some pretty interesting ideas of what to do with it…. but the rainbow chard, not so much.


Soooo, for the rainbow chard, I had no idea of what to do, but I put the power of the interwebs to work and called on friends. I posted the picture of the chard on the social networks (ig, tw, fb) and everyone pretty much tells me that its in the spinach and kale type of family of foods and it can be eaten raw, sauteed, steamed, blah blah blah… but thats not exciting, right?

One person did shout me out and tell me that they have a really good carbonara recipe that has some chard in it, but they havent sent that to me via email yet. I went to work again and got my interwebs on, this time I just entered carbonara into pinterest, and its pretty much incredible the amount of recipes around there… try it out, pinterest is great for this like that.






Another great delivery. Thanks guys!

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