My ‘Farm Fresh to You’ CSA Delivery for 07112013


Assorted heriloom tomato : German butterball potato : Valencia oranges : Ruby grapefruit : Hass avocado

Grapes : Green bell pepper : Cucumber : Fresh celery : Red kale




Farm Fresh to You is organic produce delivered directly to your home or office from a family farm or local organic farmers. I got hip to the whole idea of joining a CSA back when I started this whole site after watching the few movies that got me thinking about what and how I eat.



These grapefruits look good. Taste good too. I crushed one for breakfast this morning…..



There will be some cooking goings on this week for sure. Lots of good stuff in here and all I need to do is add some protein to the mix and something to drink. If you were wondering, this package that I get from FFTY is only $32 bucks. Delivered.

For proteins, I go to my favorite local market, HANDY’s, and get some grass fed beef or free range chicken, depending upon what they have that looks really good that week. I’m getting closer to doing the meat as a side dish thing, so a nice cut of steak that I would have normally gotten, I just get them to either cube it or cut it into thirds so that I can stretch it out.

Interestingly enough, my grocery bills have lowered considerably. The local market is more expensive if you go item for item, but for some reason, FOR ME, when I go to Handy’s I shop better than I used to when I was at Ralphs because I dont buy nearly as much because the aisles are smaller, meaning I can’t push a cart. I take two recyclable grocery bags with me too, so I never get more than what I can take home in those two bags.

Works for me.



Dafuq am I supposed to do with all this damn Kale??? I don’t even like kale…. one of the best things about FFTY is that if you don’t like something you get, you can just go to the website and click on a box and let them know that you don’t want that delivered to you ever again, and they will do just that…. I need to go do that now.