Music :: TV OFF by Max Wonders

New single from the upcoming “You Will Never Find” EP out in mid Sep.

Max Wonders is one of my favorite new rappers.

He hails from Chicago and I like the kid because if you know anything about Chicago rap, usually you get one of two extremes, it’s either one some Chief Keef ish, or some Lupe Fiasco ish.

You know what, lemme take that back because Chicago also has two of my all times in there with ‘Ye and Twista…. but I think right now, from the yute at least, the ting is that it’s super conscious or super hood.

Max Wonders is a part of this newer Chicago sound that includes the Chance the Rapper, that’s not quite super hood but also not super conscious. If you check out his free.99 mixtape download, The Wonder Tape, we see him navigate two parallel worlds of a kid living in the moment trying to survive alongside a kid who is looking to his future and doesn’t know exactly how its going to play out.

This song, at first listen is just a great record, but the second and third listen through we see a young man beyond his years that is of a different mold than the kids and the culture of today. While we’re all obsessed with cell phones and tablets and sitting in from of a television or computer screen, he’s talking about getting outside and doing sh.t.

Great message, and very needed right now.