Music Alert: YUNG PINCH’s “714EVER”

A buddy of mine forwarded me this song a couple of days ago and I’m trying to see if I like it…

First listen, I was not a fan, but full disclosure I was driving from Manhattan Beach to the valley in some LA traffic and was hot af because it took me like 2 hours to get back to the crib.

Then today, I found him on soundcloud and gave it another listen…. and I will admit, its not bad, at all.

Yung Pinch is a 19 or 20 years old rapper out of Huntington Beach, and if you know anything about me and my listening habits, if you make music and you have a Cali wave about you, you are already doing better than most to me. He definitely is a Cali kid. Very Cali.

Yung Pinch is a

After a second and third listen, this dude is growing on me, and picking up a lot of momentum, and here are a few thoughts.

His music is pretty chill and once you get past the fact that a lot of the music is about money and weed and chicks, basically, you start to see what he’s all about…. money, weed, and chicks. There’s nothing wrong with that, he’s 20. It’s what he’s supposed to be about.

He actually reminds me some of a young Rich Hil but more musical. The music, for now, is little one note for me and don’t know if I could listen to the whole mixtape too much more, but I like the brand.

405 to the coast..?? #4EVERYUNG #BEACHBOY #714EVER #405

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Rich Hil, obviously, was dealing with a lot more emotional subjects and digging a little deeper in to who he was as a person and almost doing a therapy session on tape, but Yung just seems like he is making music for him and his homeys and having a great time doing it.

Personally, I think that is some of the best early music from artists.

The music is a little bit too much singy-songy for me, but that’s a wave and I get it.

He’s Wiz Khalifa before he blew.

If he has that one song that hits big, he would really blow to a mega star.

For what rap is today, he has a look and a vibe that will go over very very well.

I’d be interested in seeing a live show actually because he is ripe for one of those guys that builds a cult like following and can sell 5000 seaters for years and years and years and make a ton of bread in intimate shows and selling merch.

I’ve got a buddy that works a concert venue in Orange County and I’m checking in with him to see what homeys live show is like in person…

another day, another dollar..?? #BEACHBOY #4EVERYUNG ??: @tylermadas

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