Music Alert :: “We Made It” – JAY Z x JAY ELECTRONICA

jay z jay electronica

Jay Z and Jay Electronica take on the Drake and Soulja Boy beat. They kill it.

* I may be listening to this a little too deeply, but did Jay throw a little jab and Drizzy, on his beat?

“Sorry Mr. Drizzy for so much I’ve talked, silly me rappin’ ’bout shit that I’ve really bought?”

I think… that might be a reply…. to this interview that Drake gave to MTV where he spoke about how Jay took a little sneak diss at the beginning of Pound Cake:

“I had Benzes ‘fore you had braces, the all-black Maybach but I’m not a racist” – Jay

* For the record, this Pound Cake verse, is one of my favorite Drake verses ever. He tended to be overshadowed on verses when he collab’d with giants. Jay always had better verses, Wayne always had better verses, but Drake made the songs hits because of his choruses. This song, his verse was perfect.

Both verses by the way, not just the PC verse but the PMM verse too. In a vacuum you just see it as another song where he is playing the Drake roll, but knowing a few key things after the songs have come out and months laters, you can see that he went in and did this add-on song after Pound Cake was made. Its interesting because it reminds me of the whole idea of younger guys, up and coming ‘that guy’s’ having to pay respects to the OG’s and figuring out how they go about doing that.

There is no doubt that Drake belongs on that level, but he’s struggled to figure out when to declare, ‘OK, I’m here.” without being disrespectful to those cats. You look at something like Jay Z’s verse, and you figure that he’s been accepted, but they still throw shots at him, sort of as a rite of passage, but when you do that you almost force he to become that dude who has to be disrespectful and just start calling cats out. Personally, I hate the call out rap shit. I like it more like this, where you know exactly who someone is talking to and talking about and what they are trying to say, but you have to sort it out for yourself.

I say that with the kendrick verse in mind. That moment was great and it got everyone talking, but I was never a huge fan of it. It was too obvious if that makes any sense. It was the easy way to make noise and rap was never about that. Rap and hip hop has always been about listening to songs over and over again until you get it and reading the liner notes to see if you catch anything. Then again, its a sign of the times. The microwave society. The, need everything right now, age.

You never want to forget this line from Driz:

“I can relate to kids going straight to the league. When they recognize that you got what it takes to succeed. And that’s around the time that your idols become your rivals. You make friends with Mike but got to A.I. him for your survival”

Everyone always looks at the cross-over as a seminal moment in the NBA and it was, but if you look at the bigger picture, the Bulls won that game and Mike dropped 31 (AI had 32 and 9 to). So many levels to this shit.

“Music and sports are so synonymous.”

I like where this is all going.