Music Alert :: “Picture Me Rollin'” – Joey Fatts (Prod By Cardo) – Add it to the playlist

Long Beach native Joey Fatts has got one here. I wasn’t hip to this cat in a major way until a couple of days ago. This mixtape came out in the middle of last year actually…

A friend of mine hit me with a link to the Chipper Jones vol. 2 download on Datpiff and I put it to the side because I was listening to Florence + the Machine at the time… not that it has anything to do with his music, but you know when you are in one lane musically, like F+TM, you can’t really jump right into some gangsta rap.

But then when I got home from work, the first song I played after downloading was PICTURE ME ROLLIN’ (because of the obvious Pac ties) and I was hooked. Dude sounds like the west coast version of CURREN$Y over some west coast beats.* I dig this shit, A LOT!

Go download that mixtape, and do it now.

* Speaking of west coast beats… I’ve got something to say about this cat CARDO. I love his sound. He’s not a SoCal native, but he is putting out crazy west coast sounding beats. I was listening to THE BREAKFAST CLUB interview Havoc from Mobb Deep the other day and one of the questions that they always ask east coast rappers when they get them in there is: “Whats wrong with New York hip hop?”

What they are trying to get at is that NY used to be on top. Undisputed. The best in the game. And they should be, they were the home of HH. They started it and killed it. One of the thing that Havoc was saying was that he believes that they need to come up with a new New York sound and make it happen. That they still live in the 90’s and go still try and make that sound… Which is interesting because there is a lot of merit to that.

When I heard this beat, I thought to myself that it sounds really familiar, something like a sound that I heard on KRONDON’s song 7/11… that was produced by the same guy CARDO.

One of the things that I think is lovely about CARDO and what the new west coast is going with the guys from TDE and the guys from Strong Arm Steady and Nipsy Hussle and Dom Kennedy, is that they are picking beats that sound like the west coast, but an updated version. What Cardo is doing, even though he isn’t from LA, is making what I would think a DJ Quik would sound like now or what Dr. Dre would sound like now, if they were brand new and getting in the game.