MTV2 Gave NOREAGA a Travel and Food TV Show

So, if you are part of the hip hop community, you may have heard this ting bubbling for the last 6 or 7 months. Obviously, I do this little blog thing, so when I heard NORE on the Breakfast Club, one or two interviews ago drop a little nugget of information about trying to do a traveling food show. He and Charla made a couple of comments about it real quick and then Charlamagne got the wheels turning and stalled out the conversation and just threw out the, “we should talk about this off-air” and they moved on to something else, and from that moment own, I know it was good money.

By the way, old school heads will know that the acronym that Noreaga came up with when he started going pretty exclusively by NORE is Ni**as On (the) Run Eatin’. And they are using that for the title. Beautiful.

After I heard the interview with the Breffis Club, I started looking for stuff on the internet about NORE because he mentioned how he was a vegan and I thought that was kind of weird and I recall hearing about Tiger Bone for the first time because there was a little bit of a webseries that he’d done years ago.

So, I figured that with C to tha being so heavy with MTV2, and being a pretty bright dude trying to build an empire, I immediately imagined that he saw what Bronson was doing in the digital space and how great the F*ck That’s Delicious was doing, and knew he had a sleeping giant of a show with NORE.

There isn’t a ton of information out there on this other than these instagram announcement from Noreaga, but listen to me when I tell you that this is about to be your favorite traveling foodie show.

And this is from someone that watches them all.

I watch Bourdain, I watch Bronson, I watch Andrew Zimmern, I watch Triple D, I watch Bronson, I watched I’ll Have What Phil is Having, I watched Eddie Huang, I watch that show about tacos, I’ve watched pretty much all of them and I know that NORE will hold his own against all of these dudes.

Let’s be clear, Anthony Bourdain is the goat, but Noreaga will make his way to the upper echelon of the travel foodie show food chain the moment this drops.

This cat NORE is one of the funniest dudes on the planet. And I didn’t even know that until about 2 years ago when he was on the Breakfast club for the first time. Since then, I been all about this dude and seeing the different podcasts that he’s been on, different interviews that he’s done, and now I am a dedicated Drink Champs podcast listener.

The man is hilarious and once you see him on the television screen in a super chill environment, he will blow you away. He’s made for TV. I’m glad he didn’t fall in to the Love and HH vortex. And from the couple of bars in that ig trailer, or whatever it is, I know that he is eating good. Dan Tanas, is the only place that I know from what he was saying, but if he’s eating at Dan Tanas when he is in LA, he’s a real one.

There are a ton of other places around here, that get all the headlines and are the really known places, but Dan Tanas is a real OG spot. And its fxcking fire.

Can’t wait to see this shit.

Here is the webseries episode about Tiger Bone

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