Movie Food: Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction

The Big Kahuna Burger is one of the countless themes running throughout numerous Tarantino films, almost as prevalent as revenge, lurid violence, and racial epithets. After this double-stacked caramelized-pineapple-and-onion Hawaiian smash-burger, you’re gonna need a Red Apple cigarette. – Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish: Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction

I like most internet cooking videos if they are short, concise and have a different take on things. I also like them if its a chef I know how good stuff and the recipes are pretty easy to execute.

This one happens to be getting some run on the internet this week because this Babish guy is really smart with his SEO and his video naming.

You’re going to click on the link if it is the Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp. Once you get in to the video you see that its not really cooking that (he does but its quick) and he is dropping a video of his own version of a Hawaiian burger.

I’m not mad at it.

I may be trying this out and I did look at a few of his other videos. Good on you bro, I like how you name your videos!