Messed Around and Made VEGAN Stuffed Bell Peppers with Brown Rice and Lentils

I went to one of my favorite restaurants a few weeks ago and had a stuff pepper and couldn’t keep my mind off of it…. I was at Zinc Café in Downtown Los Angeles. I tried to make my own. I made this last last week.

As always, here is the disclaimer:

I’m not a chef, I’m not even a cook… I’m just a dude with shit in my fridge who likes to put things together…. thats all.

I don’t measure shit. I will add in something just because. I will pour a little beer in something if I happen to be drinking one. I’m just out’chea winging it.

I will say though, the shit I make turns out really, really good.

It’s good but needs a little bit of work.

What I’m putting in there is brown rice, lentils, carrots, and a mirepoix of tomatoes, peppers and more peppers, and vegan chee.

Here is where I started – major key alert – you can cook your lentils and your brown rice together. The timing is close on it. Major key.

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 1

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 2

I even messed around and threw my carrots in with the dry mix and cooked them all together.

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 3

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 4

After that was cooked up, I started to carve up the peppers. You can do this however you want. I just took the tops off and took all the junk out. You can cut them in half and stuff them that way… but I may or may not have had some company coming over so I wanted to style them a little bit.

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 6

Tomato, peppers in the food processor…

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 7

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 5

Mix everything together….

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 8

Side note, I got this vegan chee at Sprouts. It’s crack. I don’t even need regular chee anymore!

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 9

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 10

Depending upon how much chee you want to use, go ahead and mix that in with your other mix and stuff the peppers.

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 11

I did some with chee, some without chee, hence the need to label the parchment.

Speaking of that, I’m one of those dudes that hates cleaning up. Its ironic because I cook so much, but I placed some foil in the baking dish AND some parchment on top of that so once I’m done, I just need to rinse out the baking dish and its gucci again. Major key.

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 12

Everything is cooked except the outside pepper, so with that one, just go ahead and place them in the oven at 350-375* for about as long as you want to get them to the softness that you wish. I like them a little bit softer than hard, so I had them in there for a good minute.

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 13

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper - 14

My only problem was that the chee didn’t melt to the level that I wanted to. But I stylized the dish a little bit and I would say that it came out pretty damn good. I will be making these again.