Messed Around and Made Spicy VEGAN CASHEW CHEESE

Ok, so this was a million times easier than I imagined.

Not because I thought it would be reeeeeally difficult, but because I’m what is known as one of those people that is addicted to cheese. Its probably a huge part of my love for Mexican food.

A few weeks ago, I’d gone to a vegan spot called Plant Food + Wine and I’d had a cheese appetizer with a couple of nut cheeses, and I was overwhelmingly impressed. To the point that I’d mentioned that I wanted to make some.

I looked it up on Pinterest and its crazy simple to make. I asked a few vegan friends what were some of their favorite recipes and I got a few suggestions and then decided to make my own ish.

There was a lot riding on this, because of that aforementioned love of cheese and Mexican food, I need to get myself off of the chee. Chee and dairy and all of that stuff is bad for you. I won’t go in to it and you can do your googles if you arent hip.

Here is a guide recipe I found that I like.


Ingredients that I used:

Cashew Cheese - 2

Nutritional yeast | lime juice, freshly squeezed | sea salt | Hungarian paprika | Sriracha | cashews

As always, here is the disclaimer:

I’m not a chef, I’m not even a cook… I’m just a dude with shit in my fridge who likes to put things together…. thats all.

I don’t measure shit. I will add in something just because. I will pour a little beer in something if I happen to be drinking one. I’m just out’chea winging it.

I will say though, the shit I make turns out really, really good.

Cashew Cheese - 1

This nutritional yeast stuff is the key. According to the internets, it is where the “chee” taste comes from. I actually bought the wrong yeast as you can see at the bottom picture here and then had to roll out this afternoon to get it.

TJ’s didn’t have any. Pavilions didn’t have any. Haggen didn’t have any. Had to drive all the way to Sprouts.

Cashew Cheese - 3

From there, its mad simple.

Just dump everything in the food processor and blend it until its smooth how you want it.

Cashew Cheese - 4

So, as you can see, it’s more like a chee spread so it’s not going to function like grated chee but I can work this in a million ways for a million things. I’ve already used it as a spread on a smoked tomato sando I made about a half hour ago.

Its great to dip tortilla chips in.

I can make it a little bit thinner and use it in a nachos situation on some chee sauce type of sh.t, which lets be honest, is the real test. How will this work on my other foods that aren’t sandwiches.

Can I use it as a spread in some sort of vegan burrito situation?

Cashew Cheese - 5

Here are my dueling yeasts. Other question, wtf am I going to do with all of this leftover yeast?

Cashew Cheese - 7