Memphis Meats Announces Poultry

Well, this is interesting.

I should have heard about this company before today, right? I wonder if I have.

The logo looks familiar, but I don’t know if I have, but that isn’t what this is about.

We are beyond proud to announce the world’s first chicken and duck, produced by growing animal cells without the full animal. History in the making! #MemphisChicken

From Memphis Meats:

We’re developing cultured meat—real meat (ie NOT plant-based) grown from animal cells, without the actual animal. Better for you, the planet & the animals.

So here is the thing about it, I’m a guy that continues to love all of the plant based “meat” options that we are seeing for burgers. Literally, I had an beyond meat burger a couple of days ago and count down the days when I have some free time to head back to Crossroads and have another Impossible Burger, BUT, in saying all of that I think that for someone like myself, having a real animal based but non cruel option makes a very compelling case for this brand.


There are people who are vegan and vegetarian for all kinds of reasons, but a good number of these folks are so because of the whole meat-is-murder thing.

But, what if meat IS NOT murder… what if the whole environmental impact thing is greatly reduced… what if we’ve solved a couple of the banner reasons that people tend to use as to why they convert.

It’s definitely an interesting conversation and its definitely something I look forward to seeing play out.

Another thing I am curious about, is if we’ve seen any of the long term effects of cultured meat and how close it resembles to sustaining our bodies with nutrients. For example, this is cultured meats, taken from an animal cell and given all the same things that a regular farm animal would consume, thus producing an animal product…my only question would be this: Once this is ingested by a real human being, is it good for us?

When I ask that, I’m not asking in the dumb way like can we eat cultured food and we should be scared of anything that is not produced naturally, but more in a way of, OTC vitamins, multivitamins, fruit juices (“all natural and made from real fruits”) and things like that, if I’m not mistaken have been proven time and time again to not translate once consumed anywhere near what they are labeled as or what we can prove is translated when for example, a person eats an orange vs. drinking orange juice or taking vitamin c pills.

This is a question I am quite interested in knowing the answer to, but that will take some time to answer.

They say in the video that they arent going to even in the market until 2021, so I imagine that they will be able to address something like that, by then.