Mehrdad Mahdjoubi will change the planet with this shower (water) system of the future : Orbital Systems

shower of the future

This is simply brilliant. Orbital Systems is a cutting-edge technology company in southern Sweden, that has developed a disruptive water recycling technology to be used in domestic appliances (for now). Their patented technology makes the world’s most advanced and efficient shower unit, saving up to over 90% water and 80% energy, whilst increasing comfort and hygiene.

CNN Blueprint meets Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, who figured out how to dramatically cut down the amount of water used while showering.

Sustainable Development is the driving force and can be traced in all of their work. According to research carried out by his company, in a regular shower you would use about 150 liters of water per shower, and with this system, you’d only use about five liters of water for a 10 minute shower. What that means is a lot of bread saved on water and energy bills. Orbital Systems believes that overall these savings would translate to at least $1351 off your energy bills each year. Thats crazy.

Mehrdad Mahdjoubi is the 2012 Green Mentorship Award winner. The winner receives a years mentorship from Niklas Zennström, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Skype.

Like the interviewer said in the interview… getting into the home is just the first thing on the road to making this cat a gagillionaire and saving our planet and its water consumption. Imagine how this would work in restaurants and car washes and things like that?

I can’t imagine that there isnt a water filtration method used by most if not all of these places yet, but if Mehrdad has found a way to build a better mousetrap, lucky to him and his team.

The one thing I do wonder about is that damn filter that you plug and play with… I’m sure that thing isnt inexpensive at all. I know that I have a Brita filter for my drinking water at the crib and it seems like I am replacing that thing all the time. And them shits cost a grip. I can only imagine what it would cost to replace this one. Drinking water is already filtered and we just get it more filtered with the brita so if I dont change it as often as I should I’m still cool, but with this you have to change that joint out on the double every time it expires or you are just washing your ass in dirty water, and you know you cant have that.

Interesting to see how this is all going to play out.

Futuristic water-recycling shower cuts bills by over $1,000 – CNN

Shouts out to my buddy Edwin who posted the CNN vid on facebook!