Mega Image’s “AB COOL FOOD” aka the grocery store thats all-frozen-food-everything!

ab cool food

“AB Cool Food is dedicated exclusively to frozen products and by opening this store we want to offer practical solutions to our clients, which will help them manage their spare time more efficiently, by spending less time in the kitchen, but maintaining a healthy and diverse diet. Frozen food is easy to prepare, convenient and can offer new, exciting and exotic products, taking into account that freezing food is a completely natural practice that has been around for thousands of years” – Catalina Aldea, commercial director at Mega Image

The AB Cool Food store sells some 600 products, ranging from frozen fruit, vegetables and meat products, to ready-meals, pastries, ice cream and cakes. The products are mostly private labels or imported brands from Europe. The don’t currently offer delivery, but they do offer online and phone ordering given that everything is packaged thus having a numerical indicator.

The parent company, MEGA IMAGE, owns and operates about 250 stores throughout Romania that seems like “stop-and-go” type of places with quick pull items.

Apparently, the people of Romania eat less frozen foods that almost anyone in the European Union (and I’m assuming the world (first world at least)) and the launch of this new store is looking to build trust in frozen foods among Romanian consumers. Most of them are reluctant when it comes to such products, fearing lack of freshness and quality, and even though the quality and freshness IS there, the consumption of frozen foods is mostly seasonal in Romania.

At first look, I thought this was kind of gimmicky and just a ridiculous idea for a store… but then I thought about it and think that its kind of a fresh ass idea. Given how much frozen food we eat, from pizzas to bread to fruit to drinks and stuff like that, if the quality of the product is good, why the hell not? We never even think twice about picking up a frozen pizza or frozen burrito and throwing that in the microwave. Or how about if you order from Omaha Steaks, all of that comes frozen packed.

Also, we are finding out more and more about how bad food stored in cans are for you, so a lot of food in bags, boxes and paper products might be a way to go. If you are getting the right stuff, and its flash frozen correctly, you might be winning the game. I like this idea and I would probably shop her a lot. Right now, obviously, this is something that is being tested in Romania, but they are planning some serious expansion in Europe over the next couple of years and I would bet my bottom dollar that there may be some of these, or something like this popping up in the states.

My only issue is what it looks like, it kind of feels like you are doing your grocery shopping in a Baskin Robbins, not that there is anything wrong with that….

The store layout:

ab cool food layout


ab cool food interior


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