Meet “BEME” Casey Neistat’s New Social Network App

Now this, is a new social media app that I can get behind.

The simplest and most authentic way to share your experience on video. Instantly capture real moments from the world around you with a simple gesture. See how friends, family and interesting people honestly live their lives, and send them genuine reactions. – BEME

Long story short, this isn’t an app where you can just flat out take a ton of selfies… this is an app where you can’t use a ton of filters… this is an app, that should, theoretically, be what social media gets right instead of what social media gets wrong.

I’ll be honest, I am as much a consumer of social media as anyone, but I’m kind of over it in a personal sense. I don’t post nearly as much as I used to and the stuff that I do post isn’t that important to me. Which kind of sucks because I for the most part like being social.

The problem that I have with todays social media, is that it has just become about us individually sharing what I look like today or what I bought today or what I am driving or eating or drinking today, rather than the sharing of experiences that we want our friends to see.

Instagram, when it started was AWESOME! I personally felt, and still feel, that instagram was created for showing the our friends the world we see and the world we experience and things of that nature. Now, and its slowed down some, just seems to be very very look-at-me.

Look, I like looking at girls asses and pretty faces and lovely lady lumps as much as the next guy, but I still prefer to see experiences more. I know what you look like babe, I do. You look the same as you did in the selfie you put up yesterday…. and the day before that…. and the day before that.

This, seems like its out to change that.

It makes sense that Casey Neistat has done this. Seems like something he and his team would come up with. I’m a fan of his as you can see we’ve done a few posts of his work. Solid guy, solid work environment, solid team.