Meanwhile In Russia :: Pay for subway tickets in Squats or Lunges [Olympics]

The do things differently in Russia… but this is kind of awesome. Apparently (I didn’t read anything on it, just clicked through and watched the video) there is a subway station in Russia somewhere that was recently installed in which one can do 30 squats or 30 lunges as payment for your travel card. First things first I assumed that this was some promotion for the Olympics as soon as I saw the VISA logo on the machine… and then I assumed it was just some thing that someone put together to go viral as a “what if it was like this?” type of thing to get people talking…

But then I thought about it and I’m really wondering, WHAT IF it was really like this for a lot of things that we do. What if there was a governing body that or a private company or whatever that basically rewarded people for working out?

Obviously it doesn’t make a ton of sense that you have to pay people to stay fit, but lets be real here… we’re way past the point, as a society, of hoping that people take care of themselves. Governments spend gagillions of dollars on health care anyway, so what if they subsidized other things and thought really outside of the box in where to put their money.

Personal story here about my smoking… I work in a 12 story building and my cube is on the 5th floor. I smoked a lot. Not so much for the actual act of smoking, but if we are going to be honest, straight up for the smoke break. So one of the things that I thought about while I was going back up to the office was, “Why do I always take the elevator?” Its only 5 floors. SO, I said to myself, if I want to smoke heaters, every time I go down for one, I have to take the stairs back up. You know what its done? I don’t smoke as much anymore. And I can fly up the stairs. That WAS NOT the case when I first started…

What does that prove? I dunno if anything actually but I do know that something that started out as a punitive situation for me has actually really helped in a small way. I know that at companies that subsidize gym memberships and things like triathlons, on average have healthier employees. It makes sense to incentivize people, right? So why not do this at a national level. I think people will choose money, or saving money, if there is an option like this for random stuff. Why not try it out somewhere that government services are possible. Or maybe how about doing it where you get a discount code on something for doing things like that? I dunno. I’m rambling. Out.

I like this guy…

russia subway squats

I don’t like this guy…. Calm down bro, no need to try and look cool with the one legged squats. We get it. You work out.

russia subway squats 2

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