McDonald’s in Hungary Have Cool To-Go Bags that turn into BagTrays

McDonald’s Hungary and DDB Budapest embarked on a groundbreaking innovation: the paper bag that so far only served as a food carrier is now equipped with a cardboard tray. With one simple tearing movement by the perforation at the bottom of the bag, it can be separated from the upper part and then we can enjoy our meal in the usual manner, on a tray. The innovation makes out-of-McDonald’s consumption experiences even more convenient in locations such as the car, in the park or in the office.

* Don’t really see how this is necessary but it doesn’t make it any less cool. One thing that I remember from my childhood when I used to crush McDonalds on the reg was the dope ass tray that you would get when you ordered one of their meals.

I’m efforting a throw back picture but can’t find one on the internets right now.

There is an obvious gap that shows up in this video for me, there arent really showing any examples of when you actually need a tray… did you notice that the one guy sitting at his desk who makes a tray, has plenty of space on his desk to set up lunch?

Maybe the best part of it is that you don’t have to flatten out your bag to make a tray, but here is the other side of that point, when you crush fast food, the bag doubles as a trash can for all of your junk after you are done. With this BagTray, where do all the used napkins and spent ketchup thingies and straw sleeve go?

Currently this is only in Budapest with no plans to move stateside, but you never know. We’re the kinds of having things that don’t really make sense.