Mark Bittman tells us whats wrong with meat and his ‘Vegan Before 6:00″ idea

mark bittman talks meat

Mark Bittman is a food journalist, author, and columnist for The New York Times. He’s written three books, appeared on a ton of televisions shows, written countless articles and is a marathoner and pilot.

As you can probably tell if you have read any of the things that I am written or even agree with the premise of this website, you can see that I am sort of a cheat when it comes to this whole healthy eating thing. Its not that I dont want to be bout it, but I just happen to like the taste of a good burger or steak so much that I look past the fact that its killing me slowly.

Im never going to give it up, so I look for ways to try and cheat into being healthier. I search out creative ways to be vegetarian and get into this life and that led me to this cat. He wrote a book about a lifestyle he adopted, and he called it “Vb6: Eat Vegan before 6:00”

This is RIGHT up my alley….

As a food journalist who had some medical problems, his doctor at the time told him that he should adopt a vegan lifestyle to get some of those body situations back in order… as a good journalist, that obviously wasnt really something that would jive right with his occupation. As a bright guy, he figured that if he did the vegan thing before 6:00, or whenever he ate his dinner, he would be getting a lot of the benefits of a vegan diet, and then not gorge himself with huge meals to make up for what he thought he was missing out on by being vegan.

I must admit that its kind of a genius solution…. so, I found my cheat and decided to look more into this guy. I came across his TED talk, where he tells us whats wrong with meat. During the talk, he tells us a lot of stuff that we already know… the talk is a few years old by the way, but he also hits on some really cool concepts that you may not be aware of. The talk starts out a little bit slow, but around the 8 minute mark it really gets good as he takes us through the last 100 years or so of food production.

The TED talk is down below and its a good watch if you have another 15-20 minutes

For some of his writing, check out his article on WHY I AM NOT A VEGAN