Maggie Q is a Beautiful Vegan (Vegetarian)

Animals and the planet depend on us, and actor Maggie Q wants us to know what we can do to help, go vegetarian and reap the benefits of a healthier you, keep animals out of the slaughterhouse, and help heal our planet.

Margaret Denise Quigley, professionally known as Maggie Q, is an American actress and former fashion model. As of 2010, she stars in the title role on The CW’s action-thriller series Nikita. A vegetarian for many years, she once said that giving up meat is one of the most rewarding decisions she has ever made. “I feel better, I have more energy on and off the set, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing something to help stop animal suffering.”

I hear you are a big animal activist. Can you date a guy that’s not a vegan?

MQ: Yes. I’ll change them in the end [laughs]. There was a time where I thought I could only date vegans. I was wrong because I was missing the fact that somebody should be right for me first, instead of just having similar values. That’s where I was wrong, but it was a great learning experience. Now I figure if I have somebody who can support me, then it will allow me to be bigger and better in all of my activism. – via

In 2008, Maggie Q, for her unwavering efforts to draw attention to cruelty-to-animals issues, she was named PETA Asia-Pacific’s Person of the Year. –

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From what I am gathering is that Maggie was a long time vegetarian and some time around 2008/2009, she decided to go vegan. She’s hot, so whatever it is she is doing, its doing her a world of good.

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A little on the skinny side for my liking, but she is not without curves. The lifestyle is doing her well.

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