Macklemore Got An Iced-Out Pear to Remember to Eat Healthy

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Shout out to @tresorparis for turning my 6th favorite fruit into a pendant. 233 individual lime green precious stones and emeralds and diamonds and crystals and and platinum and silver and white gold shards of shiny glass went into this piece. Took 8 years to make it, maybe. This is to remind me that if I stay healthy and eat pears, I will win. And to motivate the people I love around me to put down the fucking fish and pick up a pear. Or if you eat fish, make sure you have a pear with that lil dead funky motherfucker from the sea – Macklemore

* I don’t really get the Macklemore slander.

I mean, I guess getting an iced-out piece of fruit is a little douchey, but getting a super iced-out ANYTHING is douchey. Have you ever seen the chain that T-Pain commissioned? Seriously. The thing is as big as his whole torso and it reads, “BIG ASS CHAIN!

This is what happens when you have an assload of money and don’t really know what to do with it.

I can’t really tell if Mack is vegan or vegetarian or anything or if that ig rant was just a spur of the moment thing, but when I google’d “MACKLEMORE VEGAN” this video came up. Its a vegan take on the video and song that made Mack known to the commoners and brought on this wave of hate. Winner, winner, chicken vegan dinner!

Side note, back to what I was saying about Macklemore …. its not his fault that they wrote and produced the most catchiest fucking song in the last billion years. Dude was just another backpack mc who was on the road a million days a year trying to come up and then they hit the jackpot. No reason to hate on the dude.

There is only so many ways to handle becoming the most famous musician in the country in the span of about a month and so I give dude a pass for most of the sh.t that has come after that.

Random aside, in a business that I have, we met up with Macklemore ahead of a concert he was doing to give him some product and it was right in the “Thrift Shop” midst of everything and for someone so f.cking famous and on top of the world, you would have thought he was just another dude at a coffee shop who was working all the time and tired as Rapping to him for just a couple of minutes, you could tell that he was absolutely drained. Like, there was no energy in his body and this was about 2 hours before showtime.

But, when the lights went on, dude K-I-L-L-E-D it. It was like he had been hibernating for days and had all the energy in the world. It was interesting. The show was great and he was great but I just imagined dude living every day like that. Being insanely tired all the time, but still having to put it out there when the time comes.

Of course I don’t feel sorry for any of these guys because they are getting paid a kings ransom commensurate to their talents and popularity but I don’t know if all the money in the world is worth losing your anonymity and having every single thing you say or do dissected for all to criticize. Its an interesting thing to say the least.