Looking for a GF on Bumble, I Found the KRAVER Food App Instead

Just tell me you’re hungry and I’ll suggest a menu item you’ll love, order it for you, and have it delivered. You’ll get your kraving fulfilled without ever leaving your Slack window.Kraver

KRAVER is an intuitive food discovery engine that lives in your messaging apps and gets you what you “krave.”

I like apps. I like social media apps, I like dating apps, I like food apps. My phone looks like one of those desktops that has a million things on the screen that need to be divided into folders but I’m too lazy to do it / know where everything is already and don’t want to screw up my thumb flow by being organized.

So anyway, this morning I was up early watching The Manchester Derby, a pretty interesting feat given that I’d been out on a date last night until 3 in the morning – and I was scrolling through the dating app Bumble. You may ask why I was looking through Bumble after being out on a date that lasted until 3 in the morning the night before, but if you put a little bit of thought in to it, there is your answer….


But, celebrating bricked 3 pointers aside, after left-swiping a few interestingly attractive people that I probably wouldn’t have much in common with, I came across the profile of someone who in their bio mentioned being a part of a company called Kraver. She seemed really smart, really cool, very attractive and interesting so I shot over to the internets and looked up this company called Kraver because I was curious and I found this wonderfully thought out app.

I watched the video above and was just nodding my head yeh, Yeah!, YEAH!!” the entire time.

This is something that I need. I couldn’t tell you the number of times that I have been hungry, at a desk, or at home, and spent more time thinking about, “what do I want to eat?” all the while wishing there was something that could take charge and put some food in my belly.

Normally the drill is to go to pinterest and get an idea… and then log on to grubhub or eat24 to look at options…. then getting frustrated because what I end up on doesn’t deliver to my area anymore, or the wait is too long, or it’s not quite what I wanted…. and then I just drive to the store, or make myself a grilled chee at home.

From what I am seeing KRAVER might be able to help me out with my life.

The video above is just a week old and in doing a little bit research (google & twitter) I see that Kraver killed it at South By last week – they won the McDonald’s SXSW 2016 pitch competition!

Here that pitch is.

Well done.

So, KRAVER looks pretty dope. I can’t find the app in the app store, so I might have to get on Slack and sort myself out. I’ve never used Slack. But that is neither here nor there.

For now, I’m excited for what is to come from KRAVER.

Follow them on the internets at twitter @kraverai.

For now, its just a Los Angeles thing, but this will work its way all over the place, its just a fantastic idea.

Oh, and hopefully the young lady that I saw on Bubmle right-swipes when she comes across my profile. That’d be a win-win! (or she could slide in my dm’s on twitter or the gram) …. wait wait, I’m getting off subject.

I mean, unless she does.

That would be awesome.