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Last week I posted a long-awaited installment of Ask Me Anything —RRP 232.That episode is about an hour in length, but the last several minutes were pretty great — pure gold. – RR

If you aren’t listening to this pod, or following Rich and Julie, you need to find a way to carve out some time every week to check in with them. I, for one, would say that it would do you pretty good to make time every day to check in with them, but starting off once a week is good for you. They are yogis, vegan fueled athletes and spiritual guides, philanthropists, chefs, teachers and all sorts of other thing, but in my mind they are just good people to have in your life.

An incredible gem from this one:

It is a necessity to fulfill your mission, so if you don’t know who you are start practicing yoga so that you can find out who you are …. we all need you, we’re waiting for you. We’re waiting for you to come on line so you can join us. Julie Piatt

Now, be advised that they definitely put out a ton of content and listening to a RR podcast every week is difficult because they tend to go for about 2 hours which is a lot of time, but the other day they dropped the mini-sode up above and I think they may be on to something with this. I’d love to see them chop up their pods in to bite size pieces as teasers for the full pod.

Click through the player up top and find them all over social media. You’ll be better for it, I promise.

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