Listen :: “The Devil Is A Lie” Rick Ross Feat. Jay Z : Add it to the playlist

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New Single From Rick Ross Feat. Jay Z- The Devil Is A Lie – This song is a problem! I really think I need Jay Z and Rozay to do a full length album together, they haven’t missed yet, not even close.

Jay Z obviously uses this platform to address a couple of issues thats been on his mind, namely the whole BARNEYS NY fiasco.

This, again, is one of those situations where we can all learn from Jay Z. I’ve had this conversation many many times with friends of mine about how much he is contributing to the betterment of society and how much he is helping out our people while he is eating verrrrry well off of the culture.

My thoughts on that are that he is doing just fine. I don’t know if its his absolute responsibility to uphold anything and everything hip hop and black and african american and all the social responsibility that comes with that. I think he is doing plenty, but he is just not moving how we want him to move. He is employing people, A LOT of people. He is putting the culture and putting our products and people in seats in places that they have never been and we have never been before. The amount of people that he is influencing is incredible and of course there is always more that we could want from someone in his position, but I don’t think you can minimize the effect that he will have on generations by proving to be an example of what can be.

Now, all of that being said, I like how dude moves. Ever since this whole thing happened, he hasn’t said much. he’s made a statement or two but he never did any big interviews or totally went crazy, he just chilled – and now he put his thoughts on a record. And people will listen and download and buy and extend his brand even more. More bread.