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The Book.

32 Yolks available everywhere.


Taking us from Eric Ripert’s childhood in the south of France and the mountains of Andorra into the demanding kitchens of such legendary Parisian chefs as Joël Robuchon and Dominique Bouchet, until, at the age of twenty-four, Ripert made his way to the United States, 32 Yolks is the tender and richly told story of how one of our greatest living chefs found himself—and his home—in the kitchen.

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Earlier today, I was thumbing through some of my banked podcast to listen to and I happened upon this one from The Watch, where host Andy Greenwald talks to four-star chef Eric Ripert about his brilliant new memoir, ’32 Yolks,’ the importance of sauces, and what it’s like getting sauced with Anthony Bourdain. It’s a great listen for one, because Andy is really good at his job and did some quality research; for two, because Eric has an incredible story and spirit that just makes you want to know about his life; and three, Ripert has possibly the greatest French accent in the history of French accents and is a ball to listen to!

Great pod!

If you are not passionate, if you are not curious, if you are not humble – because ultimately being curious and passionate means being humble – in that case you are blind and deaf, and you do not progress and you are static and you get bored and you die.Chef Eric Ripert

Here are instagrams from LB of the two dishes that Andy spoke of that he and his wife enjoyed on their anniversary dinner:

Congrats on the anniversary by the way.

I don’t know which of them won the dinner selection. First glance you would say wifey because the kind of jack you are spending at a place like this, you want to know that you are going to like your dish – so you probably don’t want to jump out the window to much with your selection…. but when you think about it, with the kind of jack you are spending at a place like this, you can jump out the window as much as you like because there isn’t anything on the menu thats not going to taste good.

I’m curious as to what an average bill at this barn would run you?

Not that it would matter because its fine dining and if you are in this space, you are prepared to drop some plastic on the table and just sign your name, but I wonder if we are talking a really good night out with the fellas or a lady, or if we are talking about not being able to go there until I get my bonus check.

** Update Alert **

From a business insider article in 2013: Dinner at Le Bernardin starts at $130 per person for a basic four-course menu. There are also two tasting menus with optional wine pairing for up to $333 per person.

That’s nuffin when you think about it.

** Update Alert **

Oh bnoy, so in looking for those two dishes that there were talking about, I happened to come upon this one guys and you know how I feel about mango…..

The more I looked the more I saw dishes that I need to have in my life, example:

This looks stupid good:

Now, I am googling things like, “How long is the reservation wait list for Le Bernardin”, “Out of town reservations Le Bernardin”, “Walk-ins accepted Le Bernardin”, etc. Hopefully one of these days I will get to experience this spot.

** New life goal alert **