Listen :: “SOMEWHERE” by Kid Kamillion feat. Karen Waldrup (Jesse Slayter Remix) : Add it to the playlist

This kids bio is long so I’m going to give you the quick hitters. He’s from New Orleans, his name is Bryan Normand, his 808 game is crazy and he used to skateboard.

His affiliations include, Major Lazer, Mannie Fresh, Gold Rush, Spank Rock & Just Blaze and he’s released music on Get Right Records, Mad Decent, Boys Noize, Main Course and Sea Punk Gang.

That’s really all you need to know … but I happened to be listening to Beats1 and this Jesse Slayter remix of this song game on and I found myself turning the volume up mad high at damn near midnight.

I live in an apartment.

It’s Friday so I’m not really trippin.

This song bangs.

You can get it on iTunes and add it to your workout mix. Shit is crazy.

Here is the video:

Surfing around, there is a ton more to know about this kid @Kidkamillion and listening to some of his music, its worth your time finding out about him. Kid is flavor.

Oh, and I needs to find out more about this Jesse Slayter character too. If he did this, I want to see more of his work. Jesse Slayter on Soundcloud

Yeop, he’s kind of a monster too having released on Mad Decent, Ultra, Fools Gold, Slow Roast, EMI/Century Media…. Fools Gold huh, that means there might be some vinyl purchasing in my near future..