If you’re a rap and hip hop fan, Nick Grant is a rapper you want to know.

I didn’t know of this cat before a couple of days ago, but after listening to this mixtape about 10 times in the last two days, I can confidently say that he is the best rapper, rapping right now.

And I don’t get that excited about new rappers these days unless its on some Rae Sremm or Waka partying getting active type of music – because that music is that kind of music, but this kid is a problem.

He’s the best new school rapper I’ve heard in a whiiiiiiiiiile.

He’s so good that to the point that I think he may be one of the ONLY cats in this new era of music, that I would say could actually put out a true “classic” project.

I’m serious fan of Drake, a serious fan of Cole and Kenny and Badass but he’s better than all these dudes.

I won’t get into the technical aspects of rhyming because that kind of stuff is boring, but he’s got it. This is a mixtape that is about a year old, but its new to me. I heard this on Jensen and Matty Booms podcast, GET UP ON THIS, earlier this week and Jensen made a good case for how good of a technical rapper he is.

On the show, they don’t go super long form and just introduce you to the music, but he did add something that peaked my interest. The song he played was produced by Organized Noize.

That’s all he needed to say.

They don’t mess with weak music.

This mixtape had me right from the beginning with the famous sound bite of Andre 3000 – at that point known as Andre benjamin – and his speech at the Source Awards which was the seminal moment that put southern rap on the map. Nick has been compared, and gotten big upped, but the gawd 3000 himself and he doesn’t shy away from this at all.

The sound bite and first track he buss’ on is quite possible the most recognizable Outkast beat of all time, Two Dope Boys (In A Cadillac), and he does not disappoint.

I’ll just let you listen to this rekkid, but there are a whole bunch of high points with maaaaaybe one or two lows. And that is a strong maybe.

If I had to choose favorites, and this is in no particular order, I’d say that “Trouble”, “Gold Chains”, “Class Act”, “Black Sinatra”, “Royalty”, “The Jungle”, “The Plan”, “The Fire” are all my 1 and 1a and 1b and etc. favorites.

This 27 year old is incredible.

He’s what we’ve been waiting for.

Side note, the song Class Act has a feature from Young Dro aka Dro, and I was blown away. Dro is a fvcking really good rapper when he wants to be. I’ve heard interviews from him and TIP and there is a thread of Dro not really taking rap seriously and just putting out projects but I would say that if Dro wanted to be a great rapper, it is within reach. He could easily be on the level of a Gucci Mane as far as notoriety with eeeeease. After listening to just this one song, I don’t know if Dro has a ceiling.

Anyways, get to know Nick Grant, he will be on the level of all those other cats in 2017. I promise.

He did an EP mixtape of Solange Knowle’s A SEAT AT THE TABLE that’s fire and he’s got a new single out called LUXURY VINTAGE RAP that you need to listen to. Head to iTunes to get that!

If you need more evidence, and I don’t know why you would, go on the internets and find this tape.

This is his first project, back when he was going by the name Saint Nick, and this is the mixtape that got him signed to the team he is with now. This jawn is pretty crazy too.