Listen :: “CONNECTING THROUGH FOOD” Aisha Tyler Talks with Michael Voltaggio

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So, I just got hip to this Podcast and I’m upset that is has been missing from me my whole life.

First-things-first, it’s called Girl On Guy, and its hosted by the beautifully talented Aisha Tyler.

In this episode, number 190, my favorite chef in the planet, Michael Voltaggio sits down in her kitchen and chats it up.

join chef michael voltaggio of ink, ink sack and top chef and aisha as they discuss self-startership, self-sufficiency, self-isolation, self-immolation and self-destruction. plus michael isn’t in this to make friends. he’s here to make food.

I don’t want to give anything away because if you are a fan of Mike, you should just kick back and listen to these two folks talk for an hour and a half. It’s great. Not good guys, GREAT. If you are a Top Chef fan you get some real insight to not only Mikes time on the show, but what his mindset was like and how difficult a choice to go on the show was for him.

He talks about his past and his present and how he still to this day feels very vulnerable and anxious every day with every meal that he makes, and he tells us why. He also talks about his new show that debuted a few months ago, which is one of the best travel / cooking shows on TV. Catch up on it on-demand.

They touch on INK a little bit, my hands down favorite restaurant in LA, and the LA dining scene. This is a great pod.

If you missed it, here is my INK experience.

Ink. Restaurant Los Angeles, CA – IME