Listen :: Anthony Bourdain on Andy Greenwald’s GRANTLAND Podcast

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Anthony Bourdain, author and host of CNN’s ‘Parts Unknown,’ joins Andy Greenwald to discuss food, television, and the strange hybrid known as food TV. –

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Andy Greenwald is an author, screenwriter and critic. He is currently a staff writer for Previously, he was a senior contributing writer at Spin Magazine.

As a long-time fan — and, yes, occasional gentle critic — of Bourdain, I’ve always felt that despite his large public profile he’s still generally misunderstood. He may have tattoos, but he’s no malcontent. Rather, he’s an important and gracious ambassador of curiosity, treating unfamiliar cuisines and cultures with the respect they deserve.

Anthony Michael Bourdain is an American chef, author, and television personality and obviously one of my favorite guys ever. He is one of the guys on my personal Mount Rushmore of Chefs.

In this podcast, he sits down with the venerable Andy Greenwald and talks about the irony of chefs on tv, the history behind how he got on tv and how beautifully shot his shows are and the production team there. Also, he touches on the change from his old situation to what he is now in on CNN with Parts Unknown.

I’m not making television to be loved. I’m in making television because its a privilege and it allows me to go to interesting places….I’ve been very spoiled”

And this is why I like this guy. He’s in it for a reason and he gets it. He makes the show, that I would make, that we would make, if we all had the opportunity to do so.

I was going to throw up the first episode of A Cook’s Tour but its only available for rent. And obviously I can’t post that for you to see, I strongly recommend seeing that episode because its awesome to see where Bourdain has come from television wise. Even still, here is a cool video shot last year with the guys from VICE:

Zero Point Zero Production is a production company located in New York City in the United States. It was founded by executive producers Chris Collins and Lydia Tenaglia in 2003, with partner and managing director Joe Caterini joining in 2009. It has produced television in 80 countries.

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