Listen :: ALIENated – ELZhi ft. Smitty

Elzhi, a former member of Slum Village, a seminal rap group based out of Detroit, MI that once featured legendary rapper producer J. Dilla. Once Dilla left the group to venture out on his solo thing, Elzhi joined the group in his absence and made some pretty good music.

Elzhi, since having gone solo as the group disbanded from many unfortunate reasons, members passing and other things, has made some really good music. Most recently, he released Lead Poison, which dropped a few days ago. Full disclosure, I’ve been listening to this entire album ever since, but the best jam so far is this one.

There are several standout tracks on a complete work, February is a banger, Friendzone is a banger, Keep Dreaming is a banger, but Alienated is on a whole different level.