Leftover Turkey Slider Recipe from Action Bronson … because a Turkey Sando is just too easy.

action bronson leftover turkey

A few years back, Action Bronson cooked some delicious looking “everything” sliders with his Thanksgiving leftovers for FADER.

I had totally forgotten about this video until I decided to do a post about some creative leftover recipes for extra turkey… Obviously a good ole turkey sando hits the spot, but around your third half sandwich with mayo and turkey, it may be time to get a little bit creative.

I personally do the leftover turkey or leftover prime rib re-imagined with the mac and chee as my show stopper*, but making it all into a sandwich is something I have never done. AB did.

* For my show stopper by the way, its easy…. you take your leftover mac and cheese (you gotta get in there before everyone else gets their tupperware because you kind of need a lot) and then you take whatever proteins you have. Turkey. My pops always cooks a prime rib for thanksgiving, so that is good to use as well. Long story short, you just take some coconut milks or cream, or heavy cream or whatever you want to use and you mix the turkey or prime rib with the leftover mac and chee.

You want to heat your mac and chee just until its warm and can be stirred. You add a sriracha, chee and coconut milk (or whatever ‘cream” you are using) mix to it to give that creamy feel and then a stir all of them together. the meat. the mac and chee. the cream sauce. Put it in some sort of baking pan so that it sets again. You can throw it in the fridge or whatever. Shit is bomb.

Here are some other ideas if you are feeling jiggly and want to get creative this weekend….