LeBron James Works a Shift at the Pizza Company He Owns : BLAZE

In between games in Los Angeles, LeBron James put in work on his off day. And by work we mean becoming Ron, the newest team member at Blaze Pizza. – BLAZE PIZZA

Last year, LeBron James quietly decided not to renew his celebrity and partnership deal with McDonalds and really stepped up his association with Blaze Pizza.

Founded in 2011, in Pasadena CA, BLAZE PIZZA is aiming to be the Starbucks of fast casual eating. Bron Bron bought in a few years ago, but as the McDonald’s deal expired he’s really taken a role in the marketing of Blaze. This is the video that is going viral now. LeBron jumped in when the company was just starting with two stores, and now it is up to 105 locations, looking to expand a lot more in the upcoming years.

I haven’t had a Blaze pizza yet, but I see a few of them here in SoCal and the chipotle style assembly line pizza places is a real burgeoning market segment and having a pitchman on the level of LeBron is a nice little feather to have in their cap.

You have PizzaRev in this category, THe PIzza Studio, MOD, Pieology, and a few others so it will be interesting to see how this plays out of the next few years, and see who comes out on top. Pizza isn’t going anywhere (Friday’s are for pizza!” and anything that makes getting pizza in our bodies faster, can’t be a bad thing.

LeBron-Backed Pizza Chain Aims to Top Chipotle – Bloomberg