LeBron James UNINTERRUPTED 360 Work Out Video

LeBron Workout FB Vid

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Striving For Greatness: An UNINTERRUPTED Original

I was born with God given talent, but I PROMISE you that when the bright lights go down I am grinding it out and working my tail off to get better. I will never cheat this game… Catch the full series on UNINTERRUPTED #StriveForGreatness #UNINTERRUPTED #IPROMISE

Posted by LeBron James on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

* This is really cool. From a technology standpoint, it’s one of my favorite pieces of content that I have seen in a while. From a content standpoint, its cool to see some of the things that elite world class all time level athletes do to keep themselves together.

There is little doubt that LeBron is one of the most physically and mentally gifted humans that has ever played professional basketball, or any sport for that matter, but it is good to see that even he has to maintain a pretty rigerous and diverse workout schedule in the off-season to stay at that level. This is good to see, for the kids, and mere mortal human beings who are still trying to get the best out of themselves and striving for greatness.

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