LaKeisha “Gives it 100” and Vlogs workouts for 100 Days.

Lakeisha Shurn is in between jobs and seeking a position as an Project Administrative Assistant in the Construction, Start-Up or Technology field but I think she will be getting plenty of attention and ways to make bread after posting this video.

I remember when the “Give it 100” campaign started and it was a video about someone learning how to dance or something like that that blew it up, but I like this video better.

Shouts out to Lakeisha for her progress, and its great to see her video and that smile and how hard she is working… you can see her attitude and life changing by the day. Hopefully she gets a ton of traffic on her youtube and makes more videos because she is an inspiration. Well done girl, keep it up!!

Make sure you follow her on TWITTER (@LoveThyself365) and give her shootouts on her journey!