Kristen Bell is a Beautiful Vegan

via womens health magazine:

You’re an avid animal-rights supporter. When’s the last time you ate meat?

When I was 11. My mom was a nurse, and when I stopped eating meat she made me learn how to do it in a healthy way. It’s not just protein you might lose out on; it’s magnesium and zinc and other things animals provide. I try to eat more fresh foods than processed ones, and the grainiest bread possible.

According to Kristen’s Interview in Women’s Health, ”It’s more about the health benefits than the ethics. But it’s compounded by the fact that I love animals and feel better not eating them.”

and it seems like Forks Over Knives can claim another one…. ALthough she has been vegetarian since age 11, the movie and information from it motivated her and her dude Dax Shepard to go all out vegan.

They both look pretty fit, so I guess it is working for them!

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