Kickstarter :: Prepd Pack is the Grown Up Lunchbox That We Have Been Waiting For

Truth be told, I’ve spent over 200 bucks, AT LEAST, on portable lunch solutions hoping to find the magic box and I think that Prepd might have just changed the game.

If you look at their initial ask, $25k, and what they currently have amassed in their kickstarter campaign in just a couple of days, close to $300k and counting, we see that I am not the only one out here looking for the solution.

From planning and preparing, through to tracking the nutritional value of your lunches, together with our app, Prepd Pack makes the whole process easier and more enjoyable.

I’ve tried tupperware, I’ve tried containers with snap on stuff, I’ve tried containers with screw on tops, I’ve tried mason jars, I’ve tried single shot containers that just hold sandwiches and snacks, I’ve tried them all but I keep coming back to the same problems.

Either they are microwave safe, for about 5 times (I heard that “microwave friendly” by the way, or they are oddly shaped and dont fit in my bag upright, or they don’t seal enough for me to have confidence in them so I end up wrapping them in 3 recycled plastic grocery bags, or I just carry them in my hand and sit them nicely in the passenger seat as I drive – but who wants to live life like that!; or you have issues because there is nowhere to place your silverware or plasticware.

They’ve seemed to have solved all of that.


And they have an app. We haven’t even begun to talk about the app.

Its genius. Not necessarily the app because they aren’t actually breaking any prep ground here, but in conjunction with their food system, this is a stroke of sheer genius. I was having this conversation for the millionth time last week, when you take something that is not necessarily needed but needed, and you make it hella easy, people will flock. This is wonderful.

First questions I have though is does it integrate with apps I currently have, namely Apple Health thingy (looks like it from the image) and is it a free app, or if I am paying for the food prep app stuff or nah.

This is crucial.

You can get in for fiddy bucks. You need to get in here. Head over to their Kickstarter page for more images and the full press kit. Good stuff.

Prepd Pack – The Lunchbox Reimagined – Kickstarter