KICKSTARTER Campaign Alert :: Taiwan is My Home: Stories of the Black and Latino Diaspora

The Project

I am raising funds to publish a book and companion documentary photo book that highlights Taiwan’s growing Black and Latino communities, as well as my own reflection on what it means to be Taiwanese and multiracial in the 21st century. These tales and thoughts will help humanize the layered complexities of globalization, the impact of pop culture on identity, and immigration trends.

Through exploring the hip-hop scene, capoeira community, Latino restaurants, and even expat soccer leagues, I’ve developed a number of friendships amongst Taiwan’s Black and Latino communities and we’ve discussed topics ranging from politics to dating to hair care to racism to why they chose to immigrate to Taiwan. Just as importantly, I’ve met a number of locals who are interested in Black or Latino cultures, including some who are raising multiracial children, along with their expat spouses.

Taiwan is My Home: Stories of the Black and Latino Diaspora on FACEBOOK

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project. To be totally honest, I don’t even know how I found this project a couple of weeks ago, but after looking at the kickstarted campaign, I couldn’t help but want to throw in on it. If I had an extra 5 grrr laying around I would have been totally down with the biggest prize of all which is a personalized tour of TAIPEI, Taiwan… actually, you know what that is how I got hip….TAIPEI

I was looking up something about black people on Taipei, because I got hip to the nation of Taipei from some cats on Facebook called the Black FIxie Team who are really moving the culture along in a hipster way with fixed gear bikes.

This is cool and I want to check out the progress and definitely get a copy of the book when it comes out. Go ahead and hit up the Facebook link or the kickstarter campaign to get in on the action and follow along…

* They have reached the initial goal of $5,000 but there are more milestones that they are trying to hit.