Khloe Kardashian Just Moved to the TOP of the Kardashian Family Food Chain

This right here, is some behind the scenes footage of Khloé Kardashian’s August/September 2015 COMPLEX cover.

This right here, is proof of something that I have been saying for 5 years now. Khloe is the baddest chick in the Kardashian family until August 10th and she might be the baddest one in the Jenner / Kardashian clan.

I can’t wait to get the iPad version of this magazine.

Check out the cover story : Khloe Kardashian Interview –

By the way, I know a lot of people like to take shots at these chicks because of the ass shots and the implants and all of the social media / reality tv antics, but you have to admit, these babes know how to keep themselves hot and make that bread.

And baby girl stays working out…


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So proud of you Adam and Ryan!! I love my APLs!!! The Army green is mean 👿

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I’ll swear until my dying day that Kim Kardashian is top 3 bombest chicks that I have seen in person in my life, and I’ve seen A LOT of beautiful wimmen. Before she started fucking up her face with all of that surgery, I would say that maybe only Carmen Electra is more attractive. Maybe Jada actually.

That being said, from what I have seen in the last decade or so, is that I don’t think that Khloe has done too much to herself other than the ass shots and some titty meat implant, maybe some lip stuff, and to be honest, here in LA, that’s light work. Like, weekend shit.

I’d prefer that they didn’t do it, because I think that they didn’t need it, but at the same time, they weren’t winning like they are now before.

Either way, I’m just enjoying what I’m seeing here and I think that this full length video might be on its way to a couple million views.

By the way, love this shit from Khloe. Clapping back at the haters….

Oh, and this is my favorite Khloe sh.t ever. #whitepants #Cammie