Jon Stewart Goes In on Donald Trump : I Go in on ‘isms

I wondered why this guy has been bothering me so much. I thought about it, now I’m writing about it.

How can a person can vote for this man. How can a person can even consider voting for this man.

I have no idea.

Here is the thing guys, and this is a point that may be somewhat difficult for some to see, although I can’t understand it being all that difficult.

The point that is never really clear with people who chose to discriminate, and be racist and are ok with sexism, and homophobia, and ageism, and transgenderism slander, and all of that ism’s that you want to hold firm and dear to you and hide behind thinking that you are on the right side of morality and its something that YOU think isn’t moral and YOU need to stand for it because you are a good American and YOU are on the right side of things, is this….

We have ALL been the victims of some sort of discrimination or slander or something.

We’ve all been the victim of some sort of idiocy on the hands of someone else. Some of us more than others. And if you haven’t, you have lived a blessed life.

But, what doesn’t make sense is why someone who has ever been the victim of something would want to impose that sort of harm on someone else.

I side with gay rights and women’s rights and transgender rights and all the rights, because I know what it feels like to have my rights violated.

When you say that you should be able to feel the way you feel and not be condemned for feeling that way, is kind of true, but its also wrong.


Quick story, I was recently in the south and had a conversation with folks, and one guy in particular I would say is a really smart dude. He was an IT executive. He made a ton of jack. He had a bomb chick, he was cool as hell, but then he said something crazy.

He was talking about taking a smoke break at work and said a gay dude approached him (a person he knows and literally just got out of a meeting with in a group setting) and asked to borrow his lighter to smoke. He said with some glee, that this was his response, “Aye, we’re cool in the office and all, but don’t even think I’m going to let you use my lighter. I was born in the 70’s and I don’t play that gay shit.”

When he told me this, I had to sit my drink down. He didn’t think it was wrong. He was wrong. And, I had to tell him that. He asked me why and how and blah blah blah, and I just said, ‘well, lets do this. Let take the sentence that you said, and lets just change two words. It will be an exercise.

I said, “What if you asked a white guy for a lighter to light your heater and he said to you, ‘We are cool in the office and all, but don’t even think I’m going to let you use my lighter. I was born in the 50’s and I don’t play that black shit.’; what would you do?

He thought about it, and said, I would probably just start swinging.

Then I asked him, well then, what is the difference between the two ways of thinking?

There isn’t one.

The only thing he could come up with was, “Well, you aren’t born gay, you choose to be that way.”

Which, I guess, if you believe that, you can justify that way of thinking.

But here is the thing with that one though (and I told the group this) even if someone chooses to “be gay” or die their hair purple or cut their finger off or choose to smoke cigarettes or weed or shave off their eyebrows, or do whatever the fuck they want to do with their body and life, here is my question:


I’ve gone to an all-boys high school.

I went to an all-male college.

I know plenty of gay men and women and here is the thing: they don’t all want to fuck you.

You have no reason to be thinking someone is going to have an affect on you or an affect on your kids or anything.


Remember when the world was going to end if women had the chance to vote? Remember when a black man marrying or having sex with a white woman meant society would end?

Sorry to tell you, but we’ve all gotten wrong answers on tests.

You are more than welcome to feel that 2+2=5, but it doesn’t. 2+2=4.

You can believe your answer all you want, but its wrong. Period.

What I think is great about this Trump thing is that it continues the conversation.

I honestly didn’t think that there were really people out there who still think like this. Seriously.

But the fact that he is gaining momentum (while losing a shit ton of money) is what is scary about this too. The reason its so scary, and this is something I think we all know from personal experience, is that if this is how he feels about one race, and one group of people, then how does he feel about black folks?

How does he feel about women?

How does he feel about homosexuals?

How does he feel about poor people?

How does he feel about [fill in the blank]?

You feel me?

What’s worse, and this just sounds crazy even saying it, is that even if he felt this way why on earth would he be brass enough to actually get in front of a microphone and cameras and say it.

I would never paint this as a REPUBLICAN thing. This is an idiot thing.

But if some of us are Republicans out there, and want to pound our chest about being republicans, we can’t defend this guy in any way shape or form.

He’s not a killer or a rapists, but that would be like a rapists or a killer is in our family and we don’t tell on him, because he’s one of us and we defend him.

That can’t happen people. As a republican, you can’t defend this cat JUST because you don’t like the other side.

That just doesn’t make sense.

Larger picture, we can’t continue to think this way, and we can’t continue to support people that think this way.

But, we also can’t keep demeaning people who think this way, we have to calmly explain to them why its not ok to think this way.

Or, show them that they are boxed in and a whole lot of other people don’t think like you do. Some show you that they think different by throwing hands, some just don’t talk to you anymore, unfortunately Trump is finding it out the hard way a completely different way:

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