Jake Gyllenhaal Goes on A Spanish Cooking Show and it’s PERFECT!

Spanish Television is the best…

Mira qué divertida se dio Karla Martínez al preparar estos típicos bocadillos mexicanos, rellenos de chicharrón en salsa verde.

Look how funny he Karla Martínez to prepare these typical Mexican snacks, stuffed with pork rinds in green sauce.

Ok, this is funny AF!

I’ve dated a lot of Latin wimmens in my life.

I’ve met a lot of Latin wimmens and aunts and moms and cousins.

I’ve met a lot of family members.

And I know they just f.ck with you because you don’t quite know whats happening.

I know I should know Spanish by now, but I don’t.

I just act like I do because I can tell when they are saying something reckless and I got to start looking tough….

But if I had $10,000 for every time I was in this situation, and responded like Jake, I’d have a 3 bedroom loft by the Staples Center.

This. Is. Hilarious.

By the way, he followed the rules perfectly.

  • Laugh when they laugh
  • Look wherever they point
  • Eat whatever they put in front of you
  • Make sure to say please and thank you
  • Make sure you have beer
  • Give an excited “mmmmm..” to everything they feed you
  • Do not eyeball the one cousin with the pierced tongue who only comes by every once in a while who looks at you like she wants to do something..