Ja Rule is writing a jailhouse “MICROWAVE” cookbook …. wait, whaaaaa??!

The news of the week that seems crazy to me is that Ja Rule wants to release a cook book inspired by his time in prison. I’ve known dudes that have gone to jail and the fool in the hoosegow is not the kind of stuff that you would think is fit for working out with.

You might be like me, and think… “whaaaat the!” But then you do a google image search and look at Ja’s post prison yokes and you think, “well, he must’ve been eating ok in the joint because you don’t get swole up like that on top ramen and water.”

ja rule post prison yokesimage

According to what has been told to various outlets is that the book will be inspired by all microwave cooking. Which is interesting. But we’ll see how this turns out. When I hear that, the first thing that comes to mind is the infamous B Hop interview with Jim Rome where he talks about making a prison microwave out of a shoebox, foil and a light bulb.

Ja Rule Writing Cookbook On Microwave Recipes Following Prison Stint – HuffPO