IVY PARK : Beyoncé Introduces Fitness Gear Line of Clothing

IVY PARK is merging fashion-led design with technical innovation. Creating a new kind of performance wear: modern essentials for both on and off the field.

* I like it. And it tells me that there is a real opportunity to make some real money in the “athleisure” for wimmen these days. Think about it, Kate Hudson is doing her thing and for all intents and purposes it seems like she is really caking right now. Rihanna is working with Puma and no doubt planning on doing more than shoes. Rita Ora. Selena Gomez has been doing a lot of stuff with adidas Originals. Carrie Underwood.

Ivy Park is a collaboration between Beyoncé and TOP SHOP.

This athleisure movement has always been the shxt but now they are packaging and branding it, the clothes-usually-worn-to-the-gym-are-now-worn-out-in-the-real-world thing, the yoga pants and leggings with uggs and a hoodie has been a look for a while.

You throw Bey’s name on it or Kate Hudsons’ name on it and now you have a line. Get money.

Introducing IVY PARK a new activewear brand for women. Arriving 14.04.16 #IVYPARK

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