Is this picture a microcosm of America aka Buying Groceries

grocery cart

This was the grocery cart behind me at the store last night…. Now, I’m not necessarily the best guy when it comes to eating and obvioulsy my fitness could use a lot of help, but dammit man, this is such a bad look for someone picking up groceries.

Is this was America looks like? Is this how we get down? What you are looking at, is everything that they had in the cart. Tons of soda, ice cream, cake, cereal, and juices. There was not one vegetable anywhere near these customers.

Its funny because I was talking to a friend of mine last night (I went to a bar) and he was talking about doing the Paleo thing again. He is a triathlete type of guy so he is trying to get every edge he can but he was remarking how with the Paleo there is pretty much nothing that he can eat because on a biological level, everything turns in to sugar and that is bad on the Paleo. When I look at these groceries, its like damb, all of that is ALREADY sugar! Why help out the out-of-shape gods when we are on the way to being fat anyways.

Looking at that cart, made me reconsider what I had purchased. I was good though other than the ginger ale. Everything else, even the beers are pretty much ok, since I only drink one beer a night now. Its the biggie beer, but still its just one! I’m getting better at shopping and bigger at urges because that cart behind me, used to be me… but now that life is behind me. See what I did there!